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C-Dyvine Muzik Group LLC (CDMG) is a World Wide Music/Book Publishing and Distribution Company established in 2016. We provide a services for our artist/clients, And here is what we offer. We properly register and copyright works, collect and distribute royalties, and submit works for licensed use in TV, Films, Commercials, Video Games etc. We link song writers with artist, and we protect our clients rights. We support and Develop talent plus provide a professional sound recording facility to create music. We've partnered LULU for Book distribution in 2020, and with Empire Distribution Company for music in 2019. Empire is one of the world leaders in music Distribution which gives us access to over 600+ Digital Music Platforms with World Wide Access.

 Whenever music is been used , it is generating royalties, and failure to properly collect means that your are leaving money on the table. Make sure you take care of your Business so your Business takes care of you.

Music Publishing

You want your songs to fulfill their potential. Artistically and commercially. So do we. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate in music publishing services. A matchless creative and administration service designed to leave no opportunity missed and every revenue opportunity secured.

What We Offer


A talent for talent

Every great song begins with a great idea. But not every great idea will become a great song. It takes love, it takes luck but most of all it takes creative commitment. The kind of commitment that we offer our artists and writers every day the world over.

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Yes, we’ll introduce your music to the industry’s leading artists, A&R staff, managers and producers.

Yes, we’ll connect you with other great songwriters for unique global co-writing opportunities.

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