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RawBiz-FBA Family Before All
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RawBiz was Born in Chicago raised in Milwaukee. As 1 of 7 siblings, he watched his mom do everything on her own until his step pops came into his life. RawBiz started rapping when he was 12 years old. He discovered That he had a gift for music and started battle rapping at age 14. RawBiz got tired of seeing his mom do everything on her own, this is when his got introduced to the streets. He was shot 7 times in 2008.  After surviving and making it threw, he promised his family that they would come first and that they would make it out threw his music leaving him with no choice at this point. 

RawBiz is currently recording music for singles, a Mixtape and an Album. His work ethic is unmatched and on point. He Anchors a Group that goes by the name of FBA with Tiera Shanta and others (Family Before All) Music Development. 

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