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Lamya Cammon is a 16 year old song writer and rapper from Milwaukee, WI. She started rapping at the age of 7 years old. She would run around the house saying rhymes and how she was going to be like Lil Wayne. No one really took her serious at the time. In 2016 Lamya stated she was serious about rapping and went to the studio dropping her first track “A Dream”. Everyone was so taken by the song a video was shot three days later going viral on Facebook. The video was aired on 414 Spotlight within the first month of its release. Lamya then dropped another song and video called “To the Top” featuring Black Aladdin and Money Bagz. That song and video was also a hit. The song was playd by DJ Perma in New York. Afterwards Lamya released her first Mixtape “A Dream” in December of 2016.

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