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Lamya Cammon better known as El Jungle Baby is a Female American Songwriter/Artist/Performer. El Jungle Baby is from Milwaukee, WI she started rapping and harmonizing at the age of 7. Throughout her childhood she became greatly influenced by rappers like Lil Wayne. El Jungle Baby would run around the house singing and harmonizing raps over and over. As she got older she had dreams of becoming a big star like her influence Lil Wayne. In 2016 El Jungle went to the studio for the first time and recorded her first song "A Dream" The song was well received and a video was shot three days later. The video was aired on Milwaukee TV Network Ch 24 "414 Spotlight" within the first month of its release. Afterwards Jungle Baby released her first Mixtape “A Dream” which can be found Exclusively on her Soundcloud.

El Jungle Baby has teamed up with a Local but Global Music Publishing and Distribution Company called C-Dyvine Muzik Group LLC or CDMG/Empire. Her earliest music can be found on all social sites including Youtube   

El Jungle Baby is currently in the studio working on new music and visuals to be released in 2021.