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Lamya Cammon is a Female American songwriter whom also goes by Jungle Baby. She started rapping at the age of 7 years old. She would run around the house singing raps over a big influence from Lil Wayne. Jungle Baby always said she was going to be like Lil Wayne. In 2016 she went to the studio for the first time and recorded her first song "A Dream" The song was well received and a video was shot three days later that had lots of success on Facebook. The video was aired on Milwaukee TV Network Ch 24 "414 Spotlight" within the first month of its release. Jungle Baby then dropped another song and video called “To the Top” featuring Black Aladdin and Money Bagz. That song and video was also a hit. The song was playd by DJ Perma in New York. Afterwards Jungle Baby released her first Mixtape “A Dream” 

Jungle Baby is currently working on new music and visuals  to soon be released in 2020.